Best Maintenance Tips For The Energy-Efficient Refrigerant Devices

If you are the owner of your own business, and you are using refrigeration devices, regular maintenance is something that you probably do. As long as your machines are running to their full capacity, you will likely have very few problems. Refrigeration units also use something called the coolant. One of the more popular types of coolants was R-22. The name that most people refer to this refrigerant as is Freon. It has gradually been replaced with more environmentally friendly coolants as a result of certain studies that were done. When doing maintenance on your machines, there are several aspects to consider. These machines can be either very simplistic or quite complex. It is important to have someone on staff that is doing regular maintenance to make sure they are running optimally. Let’s discuss why you should maintenance not only the physical components of the machine, but also manage the type of coolants that you are using.

Maintenance Tips For Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Units

If you have a large or small refrigeration unit, you know that there are three main physical components. This would include the compressor, condenser, and the evaporator coil. However, none of this would work without some type of chemical refrigerant. The compressor is something that can go out. If it is not able to compress the liquid refrigerant into a gas, the system is not going to function. Likewise, the evaporator coil can also malfunction, along with the condenser coil. By regularly checking on each of these components, in any type of refrigeration unit you are using, you can extend the life of each unit indefinitely. By simply replacing what is not working with a new component, you will likely get years of additional use. What most people do not check on, however, is how efficient the refrigerant is within each unit. For decades, Freon was used as a liquid chemical refrigerant, but now things are quickly changing.

Why Is Freon No Longer Used?

The main reason that Freon is no longer used is that they determined it was detrimental to the world. In the upper atmosphere there is a layer called the ozone layer. It is a protectorate, blocking the harmful ultraviolet radiation from getting to the surface of the earth. Of course, is not going to block everything. That is why it is recommended that you wear some type of skin protection if you are out in the sun for long hours. However, this very important layer was beginning to diminish rapidly. This was first publicized by showing an enormous hole in the ozone layer right over Antarctica. When this was determined, they tried to find a solution. They needed to know what was happening. It was later determined that chlorofluorocarbons, something that was used in aerosol cans and refrigeration units, seemed to be the primary problem. Although aerosol cans would blast this into the air automatically, refrigeration units could develop leakage. When the liquid leaked out, it would later change from a liquid to a gaseous state, and this would be carried up in air currents up to the ozone layer. It was at that time they determined to eliminate Freon altogether, but they needed to figure out how to replace it. Since that time, many different types of chemical refrigerants have been developed including hydrochlorofluorocarbons and many other materials that are not able to affect oxygen molecules.

Replacing Freon And Refrigeration Unit Maintenance

To replace R-22, you will need to have someone that has the proper expertise and tools. These are individuals that are likely working for HVAC company. They will have the ability to extract all of the coolant that is in your system or systems. They will then store that and replace it with something that is much better. For example, if you are going to do this, you may want to consider using TDX 20. It is well-known in this industry, usually marketed as Bluon, and can help your machines operate much more efficiently. Some studies have shown that you are saving nearly 25{3f4514e81c01112e0d875d80fcca7effa98ce97cc918b4ed3927f702898cff4b} of the total energy that you would normally use by simply replacing this coolant. There are other benefits to doing so, but the best benefit of all, is that it has absolutely no effect on the ozone layer. The same is true of R410 and many others that will not deplete ozone in the atmosphere. This type of maintenance might be the most important that you ever make, especially in regard to profitability for your company.

Why This Type Of Maintenance Can Benefit Your Business

The reason that this maintenance is so important for your business is because everything will be operating much more smoothly. You will not have to worry about replacing your machines as a result of unwanted vibrations that gradually cause everything to break down. On top of that, you have the added benefit of suddenly having a much more efficient machine that can produce cold there with lower amounts of electricity. This could add up substantially, especially over the course of years or decades, by having someone maintenance your machine and replace the coolant. Whether you choose to use Bluon or R410, you are going to see a large difference in how your company is operating. Your efficiency levels will increase, and your energy consumption will decrease, helping your business make more revenue.

By providing regular maintenance for your energy efficient refrigerant devices, your business will begin to prosper. It is one of those choices that we all need to make, especially if we have Freon in our units. Once this is replaced, and after providing regular maintenance for these machines, you will see that it was money well spent. You could end up saving thousands of dollars every single month by doing nothing more than providing regular maintenance. In the year 2020, every machine that is currently operational needs to have R-22 taken out and replaced. Simply ask the business that is providing you with maintenance for your refrigerant devices to do the replacement the next time they are there.