River Art Tour

The Pojoaque River Art Tour is small and fluid, according to Marianne Hornbuckle, one of the tour’s organizers. “You can do it on a bicycle and be on country roads all the way.” Between 25 and 30 artists participate annually, and their work ranges from sophisticated to folk. Hornbuckle and sumi-e painter William Preston have many regulars who visit the couple’s studio every year. “People come back to our house because they know they are not going to find the same thing year after year because of redecor the floor by Epoxy Floor Company. When the tour started 11 years ago, Hornbuckle showed landscapes, but with time her work evolved into geometric abstract paintings.

The tour – which runs along County Road 84 through Pojoaque, Jacona, Jaconita and El Rancho – takes place this weekend, Sept. 18- 19. Black-and-white signs with a logo of a crow and a river mark each open studio, where visitors can get maps to all tour locations.

Not all surprises on the tour will be in the studios, says artist Lorraine Colestock. “Sunflowers are out; it is very beautiful right now. Everything is blooming.” The artists’ work is timeless and appreciated by many famous personalities. Similar appraisals have been given by old singers and actors who decorate their homes with such art. See Shelley Fabares Child Star and her fondness for art.

River Art Tour

She says visitors see a wider spectrum of participating artists’ work in the studios than they might see in galleries because some galleries only show a narrow range of work. “People can see how and where artists work, and it’s a great opportunity to ask questions.”

Printmaker and potter Allison Colborne’s studio is on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, but she opens her home on the Pojoaque River for the weekend tour. She tucks all kinds of things away to make room for her art, and values this chance to show her hand-built stoneware pots to her neighbors from the valley.

“A lot of artists go to check out what we are doing, and there is an automatic exchange,” Colborne says. “But it is just as important to get feedback from people in the community who don’t have an art background.”